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la nostra storia

our history

We've been here for over a century

11th November 1920, Silvio Marengoni (todays owner grandfather and eponymous) after his comeback from United States rent "Podere Casa Bianca" an 11 hectar of arable land where wineyard are located. During 1980 the area is acquired and, during the nineties, present owners (Silvio and his wife Adele) together with their sons Lino and Flavio, turn the farming business completely to viticulture, planting new vineyards, building a new cellar and renewing the old porch. The older cellar, right beneath owner's home, is still used to present day as a place for ageing the finest wines in old oak wood barrels.

i nostri vini

Our Vineyards

From Ancient Red Soils district

Our vineyards are located close to our winery at an altitude between 230 and 320 meters AMSL facing South and West. Our soil is mainly a clay-silt one with noticeable rock presence, this soil type gives our graeps freshness and acid strenght so we can get wines with intense colors, aromatic taste and concentration. "From this lands come some of the most relevant seasoning red wines in this province" Vittorio Barbieri (Atlante del Vino Piacentino).

la tradizione

Local Tradition

Flavours from our hills

We always use sustainable ecofriendly products for our vineyards protection and, since 2020, we're working as an "organic" company. All maintenance and operations on our grapes are manual. Even harvest is manually managed by our team (a dozen people) collecting grapes with open 15kgs cask directly taken to our winemaking press; a soft pressing for white wines while red grapes are de-stemmed and fermented in concrete tank for 10-15days. After some decant operations, wines suitable to become sparkling ones are bottled in spring, other wine selections are set for ageing in oak barrels for 2-3 years.

Simply Wine

Tradition is: love for the places where our grapes grow and respect for flavours that always have been our products distinguishing feature

Our Wines

gutturnio superiore
gutturnio superiore
cabernet sauvignon
rosso emilia
gutturnio superiore

Our Wines

Discover our production

All our wines carry on the core values of our "cantina": genuineness and love for traditions. Discover our wine list along with flavours and history of Piacenza countryside.

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Opening hours

Our winery is waiting for you. Few steps away from the vineyards on a placid hill. Come and taste our wines right here.

Monday - Saturday:
8.30-12.00 | 14.00-18.00

*Please BOOK your visit at our winery in advance

Our Catalogue

Would you like to know better our products and have all the informations about our wines? Here you'll find our catalogue in PDF format

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Latest News

Slow Wine Fair 2022

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Saremo presenti a Bologna da domenica 27 a martedì 29 Marzo alla degustazione Slowine. Potete trovare tutte le informazioni sull'evento e sulle modalità di accesso a questo indirizzo:

Le ultime annate

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2020: Fioritura regolare , estate calda , vini equilibrati di grande beva.
2019: Fioritura disomogenea ed estate altalenante tra caldo e piogge, diradamenti importanti, vini freschi i bianchi, più complessi i rossi.
2018: Fioritura regolare, annata calda ma con piogge regolari, vini succosi anche da invecchiamento.
2017: Gelate dal 19 al 21 Aprile(mai successo!) produzione decurtata del 30% , poi estate torrida,vini da bere subito, non abbiamo fatto nessuna riserva in quest’annata.
2016: L’annata praticamente perfetta, tutto equilibrato tra caldo e precipitazioni per tutta l’estate,vini dal grande potenziale di invecchiamento.

L'ultima vendemmia!

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L’ultima vendemmia è stata molto ricca in qualità e più povera in quantità. Dopo una primavera con temperature equilibrate e fioritura regolare, da giugno a settembre abbiamo avuto pochissima pioggia, quindi abbiamo raccolto uve perfettamente sane ma con acini più piccoli della media che hanno concentrato gli zuccheri. I vini di quest’annata promettono grande concentrazione e morbidezza.

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